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What's Halvening - The Bitcoin Mining Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

Welcome to What’s Halvening!

Hosted by Cassie Clifton and produced by Bitcoin Magazine, the show chronicles the latest and greatest developments taking shape across the complex and ever-changing cryptocurrency mining industry through interviews with mining experts, CEOs, and general enthusiasts.

In this episode of What’s Halvening, Cassie interviews Pavel Moravec and Jan Čapek, co-founders of Braiins, the company that operates SlushPool. Braiins launched the first open-source initiative for Bitcoin mining with Brains OS in 2018, and they continue to bring open-source software and transparency to Bitcoin mining across the full stack through their other projects, as well. Today you’ll hear about

  • Covert ASICBoost
  • Implementation & features of Stratum V2, including efficiency and security improvements, as well as the inspiration behind the protocol
  • Work selection with Stratum V2 & why it’s important miners have the ability to select their own work
  • Taking back ownership of your hardware with bOS miner, as well as features of bOS miner – like improved efficiency through header-only mining, greater security & authentication mechanism, and overriding factory settings
  • Braiins’ work in supporting custom extensions in a controlled way
  • Potential barriers preventing new players from entering the hardware manufacturing space


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