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What's Halvening - The Bitcoin Mining Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Welcome to What’s Halvening!
Hosted by Cassie Clifton and produced by Bitcoin Magazine, the show chronicles the latest and greatest developments taking shape across the complex and ever-changing cryptocurrency mining industry through interviews with mining experts, CEOs, and general enthusiasts. 
In this episode of What’s Halvening, Cassie interviews Justin Podhola, CEO & founder of Washington-based Elite Mining Inc, or EMI. EMI is building a vertically integrated mining facility that will be run on 99% renewable energy. Justin and I discuss:
  • How to read poker faces of crypto-enthusiasts 
  • EMI’s Series A equity token offering 
  • EMI’s strategy of buying up S9s in anticipation of the halving
  • What it means to be vertically integrated & expertise needed
  • How their break-even BTC price is <$2,000

Stick around to the end of the episode for announcements from Justin on their upcoming March 3rd token offering, acquisition of 2 hydro plants and the upcoming launch of their mobile units!

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinPodhola
Follow EMI on Twitter @EliteMiningInc
Follow Cassie on Twitter @bitcoincass